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Enter the World of Hempire

The World’s best weed growing game & community. Make partnerships, upgrade buildings, customize a city, build an enterprise & become the biggest player in the dope world. Let’s get growing!

Are you ready to GO with the GROW?

Let’s Get Growing!

  • Grow popular marijuana sativa & indica strains
  • Tap the lab to breed & discover new hybrids
  • Turn a pot leaf to leaves to flowering trees
  • Complete deals to unlock new features & strains

Make Money & Generate Cash

  • Invest money in businesses, grow net worth
  • Upgrade buildings & build a cannabis empire
  • Sell product from your cannabis dispensary
  • Buy real estate & renovate properties
  • Sell to players & make profit from your dispensary

Build a Hemp Empire

  • Upgrade & repair your grow-op equipment & lights
  • Decorate buildings with 420 themed trees & vehicles
  • Upgrade weed farming with grow-op equipment
  • Auction items, earn money & create a bid frenzy

Play with Friends

  • Compete in the Hempire Cup to win trophies
  • Join an enterprise, chat & play with friends
  • Top the leaderboard with your own custom strain
  • Visit the pawn shop for offers & items

Create Cannabis Products

  • Bake cookies, brownies & other medicated edibles
  • Create shatter, hash, resin, oil, keef & extracts
  • Craft hybrid strains to make the best buds
  • Traffic your goods, trade & sell bud for profit

Hempire Cup

  • Create a custom strain & enter weekly multiplayer competition called the The Hempire Cup.
  • Compete against other players to breed the highest quality strain
  • Trophies for winners! Have your winning hybrid  strain featured in-game!